Dr. Larry D. George, Ph.D.

To obtain a tenure-track position in the field of New Testament Studies, Biblical Studies, and Early Christian History and Theology (400 B.C.E. to 400 C.E.) with a concentration on teaching Greek (Koine), Cultural Studies, and other methodological approaches to reading the biblical text from one’s own social location. My experience involves a teaching career spanning seventeen years (22) at five educational institutions (undergraduate, graduate, MA, D.Min., Ph.D., with distant, online, and brick-and-mortar formats). My engagement with students seeks to facilitate the development of critical thinking, reading, writing, and communication skills, while taking seriously the inclusion of people regardless of religion, race, gender, or cultural differences.


Ph.D.​Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN; December 1997

​Major: ​New Testament; Minor: ​Hebrew Bible

MA​​Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN; December 1994

​​Major: ​New Testament; Minor:​ Hebrew Bible

M.Div.​​San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA; May 1990

​​Major: ​New Testament; Minor:​ Hebrew Bible

M.Div.​​Spring Valley Bible College and Seminary Alameda, CA; May 1983

​​Major: Systematic Theology; Minor: Biblical Studies

BS​​University of California at Davis, CA; December 1979

​​Major: ​Civil Engineering; Minor: Mathematics


Dissertation​Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, October 1997; “A Narrative Reading of the Johannine Resurrection Narrative (John 20-21): A Literary-Rhetorical Analysis”

Thesis​MA, Vanderbilt University, August 1994; “The Narrative Unity of the Markan Resurrection Narrative (Mark 16:1-20): A Literary-Rhetorical Analysis”


Special Area Examination: New Testament History of Scholarship (Particularly, Gospel Studies on the passion and resurrection narratives), Johannine Studies, Literary and Rhetorical Criticism, Reader-Response Criticism, Narrative Criticism, and Historical Criticism.

New Testament Exegesis Examination: “The Narrative Unity of the Markan Resurrection Narrative (Mark 16:1-20): A Literary-Rhetorical Analysis.”

Hebrew Bible Project: “A Socio-Literary Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: A Course Syllabus with Five Lectures.”

Theology and Hermeneutic Examination: African-American Biblical Hermeneutics and Theology, Liberation Hermeneutics, and Post-Structuralism Hermeneutics (All of which focused on Pauline Literature).

Language Competencies: Classical and Biblical Greek (Koine), Hebrew, Aramaic, Spanish, German, and French.


Primary​Biblical Studies, New Testament, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Christian Origins, Ancient Near Eastern History, Classical and Biblical Greek (Koine) and Hebrew, Christian Education, Race and Ethnicity, and African American Religious Experience.

Secondary​Greco-Roman Religions, Theology and Ethics, African American Religious Studies/History, and Religious Studies, Womanist and Feminist Hermeneutics/ Theology, and Apocalyptic Literature.

In Other College Departments: ​Western Culture and Civilization; Church History; Black and Liberation Theology, and African American Religious Experience.


Teaching Experience

Fall 2016-​George Educational Consulting Services, Inc. President and CEO,

Present​​Mount Holly, NC

Summer 2016​Professor, Bi 438 Pastoral Epistles (online); and Th 513 Systematic Theology II (online), Beulah Heights University, Graduate Studies Online Courses, Atlanta, GA

Spring 2016​Professor, Bi 502 New Testament Literature (online); Bi 616 Wisdom Literature (online); and Bi 326 Wisdom Literature (online), Beulah Heights University, Graduate Studies Online Courses, Atlanta, GA

Fall 2015​Associate Professor, Bi 501 Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (online), Beulah Heights University, Graduate Studies Online Courses, Atlanta, GA​

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